Mystery Video Shopping-All Industries

Impact Marketing is committed to providing effective tools and services that you need to take your sales force to the next level.

Working in all major industries, we are a full service mystery video shop company (secret shopping). We provide true performance measurement by capturing real-life selling in your industry, affording an exclusive opportunity to customize and personalize coaching. You name the industry and we can provide you the video!

No other tool is more effective in your sales management plan.

We have experience, talent, and superior customer service. Our video and audio are of the best quality. Our shoppers are trained specifically for you.

We are here to make an impact on your business and work with you in your pursuit of sales excellence. 


Managing the performance of a new home sales team is essential to your company’s success, and we’re here to help. Impact Marketing is a full service performance management company specializing in New Home Sales. CLICK HERE to Order Shops Now!